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Are You Conducting Business Logically? 

Long gone are the days in real estate when seemingly all it took to sell a house was a “For Sale” sign and a savvy realtor. Today’s real estate professionals must navigate an increasingly complex sales world with prospective clients, needing every available tool at their disposal.

For this reason, smart MLSs and real estate associations should use business logic to create, store and update data. This information enables us to match well-suited products and services for our members, to get them quickly on-boarded and engaged -- and to help them excel.

Business logic, defined

Business logic is essentially the portion of a computer software program tasked with encoding business rules that determine how data is created, stored and updated or changed. It helps to create and enforce workflows, enabling documents or data to calculate and transfer from one person to another.

For obvious reasons, business logic can positively impact any number of different sectors. What company wouldn’t want a codified way to amass and leverage information? That said, business logic is especially vital to MLSs and associations, given the constraints that their members rwork under. A realtor must contend with long sales cycles, sizable lists of clients and a seemingly never-ending amount of collateral information. Well-deployed business logic on an MLS or association website can help a realtor make sense of everything that the organization is offering. In turn, quantifying the value of their membership.

Business logic is the extra helping hand for the real estate industry. It is the greeter at the top of the sales funnel, systematically nurturing fresh leads into potential sales. It ensures that prospective clients don’t fall through the cracks and, just as importantly, that real estate professionals don’t lose out on attainable income.

Practical applications for business logic in real estate

There are a large number of ready-made, easily-deployed business logic applications for the real estate industry today. These include a seemingly-myriad amount of cloud-based functions. Firms with their own computer programmers can also extract business logic from business rule management systems or other customizable databases.

There is also often custom messaging available through real estate association or MLS websites, business logic that realtors can access directly through CMS platforms. Thus, it is vitally important that MLSs and associations have clear business logic strategies that they continually refine. It will help ensure that they are reaching the broadest number of members, with the era of simply sending out a mass email and counting on a strong open rate long gone.

Technological applications for business logic have come a long way in the past decade, evolving from monolithic designs to microservices to cloud-based functions. These applications will likely continue to rapidly evolve and reshape the real estate industry, with seemingly boundless heights possible for those who embrace business logic.

In today’s ultra-competitive real estate market, business logic offers a win-win for a variety of professionals within the industry.
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