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The first step in making all this possible is setting up marketing and CRM platforms. There are many and choosing one will be a based-on resources and individual needs. The critical thing to remember is that all modern systems have an open API and can work together.

There are various industry-specific nuances that need to be addressed, such as "I am running Rapattoni AMS. What CRM should I use?”

As with every subject in this article, there is a lot to be highlighted in setting up these systems, and once you start, your mind will run wild with the possibilities it affords.
There are three main things to concentrate on to get started, which can be accomplished a variety of ways.

  1. Merge AMS and MLS member data into one CRM profile.

  2. Segment the membership into personas or tags

  3. Identify your marketing and communications funnel.

Now it is understood that each organization has different priorities at any given time. So if your only channel as of now is email, that is fine. Remember that this is just the foundation.

With the power of a marketing funnel, personas to develop segmentation, and robust member profile data powering a connected CRM and marketing platform, you are ready to get started. 

How to Develop Personas Using Tags

Although extremely important, we will just touch on this topic for now. If you want to explore in more detail you can download this workbook.

Every company must understand their customers and members are our customers. Most of you have heard of consumer profiles. Well, your AMS and MLS member profile data are just that. Now, most of you are thinking that the personas are Broker, Agent, and Affiliate. To the degree that is correct but let's just use Broker in a remarkably reduced version of the persona concept.

Broker-name-contact; info-office; info-brand-business model; #of agents; years in business; year to date transactions volume; year to date transactions by unit; # of live listings; # of listings in escrow. You get the idea. Are they a member of a team? Do they focus on Luxury or Condos or some other specific property type? Do they speak specific languages? Using tags, you can more succinctly frame your value to your users.

Correct segmentation means engaging the member when they want, how they want and with relevancy. To do that you must get to know them.

Side Note: To date, we have well over 700 profile properties on each of our members.
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