Vendor Faqs

Vendor Faqs

Vendor Faqs

reAltitude Vendor FAQ

reAltitude was formed out of a need in our industry to address challenges. Challenges over the last decade in our industry include fragmentation, REALTOR® Associations fear of losing relevance, the constant need to deliver value to members and growing threats from non-REALTOR® portals. We know that the demands on associations are growing, and reAltitude was created to organize key associations to combat these challenges and harness our opportunities.

The Opportunity

We know that REALTOR® Associations can be more effective collaborating and sharing their centers of excellence to rebuild relevance.​ Associations can aggregate resources to be more competitive and deliver white labeled “solutions in a box” to other participating associations. A strong collaboration of REALTOR® Associations will create a strong market presence.​

reAltitude’s Solution

reAltitude’s focus is to share and utilize the centers of excellence from key associations across the country. ​By creating economies of scale​ we can reduce our overhead, reach larger audiences, and pool resources to maximize our efficiency and reduce cost for future products and member benefits.

  • Access a direct line to more than 200,000 REALTORS® nationwide

  • Gain access to our REALTOR® audience in their daily workspace.

  • Have the exclusive endorsement of the reAltitude Board of Directors, comprised of leadership from the top 20 REALTOR® Associations in the country.

  • Benefit from our nationwide multimedia marketing efforts on your behalf

$1,000 Service Fee